B&M Posturest

Trademarked in 1948 by B&M Mattress Company, the Posturest™ continues to be the "Original Orthopedic Mattress."  Modern day Posturest™ mattresses are tried and true and remain our best-selling line of hand crafted mattresses—a classic innerspring mattress that can be manufactured to your specification in firm, plush, and ultra plush configurations.  Pressure Response coils engineered with alternating right-turn and left-turn construction create the perfect balance of support and pressure point elimination. While you sleep, the mattress adjusts to your body and reduces capillary cutoff, improving spinal alignment and reducing tossing and turning, so you get a better nights rest.

Ultra plush is our version of the Posturest™ that is a single sided euro-top, or single or double-sided pillow top.  Per your request, the traditional topper material can be replaced with either latex or memory foam.  Come by the showroom today to experience a mattress that has been providing restful nights for over 50 years!

About B&M Posturest

  • The world's first orthopedic mattress, trademarked in 1948.
  • Distributes orthopedically correct support
  • Senses body motion and responds with increased support
  • Reduces tossing and turning for more restful nights
  • Available in firm, plush or pillow top, per your specifications.

Price Range: ($799-$1,799)