B&M Adjustable Beds

We carry three lines of adjustable beds (E-90; E-95; and S-Cape) that allow you to elevate or lower your head and feet to maximize your comfort level and use the gently rolling massager to soothe tired muscles and sore backs. 

Adjustable Bed Features by Model

  E-90 E-95 S-Cape
Wired Remote Control    
Wireless Remote Control  
Head and Foot Articulation
One Touch Bed Flat Function
Wave Massage Function  
30 Minute Massage Timer
60 Minute Massage Timer  
Reversible Headboard Bracket
Wall Hugging Feature    
20 Year Warranty

About B&M Adjustable Beds

To complement the health benefits of our adjustable beds, select your mattress from one of our 3 mattress types (Posturest, B&M Memory, B&M Natural Latex).  All offer an orthopedically correct and luxurious sleep experience.  Raise your legs to relieve back and leg pressure, watch TV in a comfortable position, or adjust the bed to any position you desire.  Available in: Twin XL, Full XL, Queen, Dual King, and split California King sizes

All adjustable beds are covered under a 20 year limited service plus warranty:  1 year full parts and service, full parts for an additional 1 year, 20 years on mechanical defects. 

Models: ($1,550-$4,700)